Benvenuti in Umbria! Welcome to Umbria!

After not too many days spent in Abruzzo it is now time for another adventure. My husband and I farewell my family and start a new 4-day jurney with my in laws. The four of us drive from the countryside of Abruzzo to Norcia (Umbria region) to get a first taste of the region. Neither me nor my husband were ever been here!

It is lunch time and all we can see are these salumerie surrounding us, they’re everywhere! They all wanted to try the famous panino with ham/salame and I enjoyed an even better panino with pecorino cheese. (Two slices o bread and a slice of cheese??? Sì! Once more it is all about the ingredients: give me some delicious bread just got out of the wooden-fire oven and some local well-seasoned cheese and I’ll make you the best sandwich you’ve ever had!).




Full and happy we meet a craftsman on the street, a wood carver. And I am completely captured by all these beauties. What a talented artist! Mr Luciano Dominici grazie for letting me taking some pictures of your artworks.



Norcia is a small village with lots of salumerie, so after a stroll we decide to hit the road. We arrive in Spoleto where the lady of our B&B kindly welcomes us in her historical residence. We thank her and equipped with a map we find our way to the symbols of Spoleto: duomo and Santa Maria Assunta cathedral.







We then spend some time in the Rocca Albornoziana. Everywhere I go, I just can’t stop myself from stopping at every single information plaque. And my mother in law seems to have the same habit. So this is our thing and we love sharing information after every cultural, artistic visit.




The view from the Rocca is breath-taking and we decide to walk till the Ponte delle Torri (bridge of the towers) that we can admire from where we are.

The sunset reminds us that it is late, a long day is gone and another full, touristic day awaits us. It is time for a good dinner and some rest. We head to the local ristorante and try some crunchy bruschette with truffle and a hot lentils and spelt soup…wow! I loved it!


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