Another day, another adventure! We make sure to have a good breakfast before leaving this morning because a long day awaits us. We get on a ferry heading north to the famous Isola di Capri. After a tormented journey and some nausea, we arrive an hour later and we immediately realize that we weren’t the only ones wanting to discover the island. A myriad of tourists literally everywhere…they were lining up to buy tickets for buses, ferries, the monorail, tourists in bars, at the information desk, on the beach…just everywhere! We line up for a long time and then get onto the monorail to explore the village of Capri. It is a touristic place, but there are some pros coming with that: everything is clean and well maintained. The village is a real Italian gem. But we don’t stay for long cause our goal today is to visit the world famous Grotta Azzurra.

(We line up for a long time) We catch a bus and after a characteristic and scenic ride we find ourselves on the edge of a cliff right on top of the entrance of the Grotta. There is a path to descend and down on the sea level there are small boats, big boats and sailors, shouting and singing sailors. After a while it all starts to make sense: the big boats are waiting for the small ones to come and get 3 or 4 people, then the small boat stops next to another boat “dressed” like a floating ticket office where those people can buy their tickets. Then the small boat lines up (it is a recurring theme for today) and waits for its turn to enter the Grotta. We poor people on the mainland have to wait for some small boats to come and take us for the same procedure. Being on that boat is a real experience, we chat with our sailor and watch other people going in when their turn comes. The entrance of the grotta is so small the sailor recommends us to lie down completely when going in. In a matter of seconds we’re inside and…wow! The color is this shiny turquoise that you cannot believe it actually exists until you see it, and everything else is dark, and from the dark only a familiar song arises, ‘O sole mio performed by all sailors in unison with pride and intensity. A real moment to treasure. Our sailor quickly explains the reason why the color looks like that and then starts singing with the others. The four of us just remain silent and enjoy this unique experience.

A few moments later we’re outside again… beautiful things last for a short time. We thank our man and walk up the hill with big smiles of surprise and satisfaction. We catch the same bus and stop at the village of Anacapri on the other side of the island from where we came from. Anacapri is highly sophisticated with boutique hotels, expensive shops, it all looks ready to welcome the wealthy class of tourism. A really elegant destination for tourists all over the world that want to experience the touristic and high-priced side of Italy. I have to say I much prefer the real, common places filled with real people.

It is time for us to salute Capri and catch the 5pm ferry and stop in Positano where we stroll around for a while and enjoy a pizza with a view. Now the fatigue starts to kick in and we wait and wait for more than one hour (a habit by now) for our bus to come and take us to our home-hotel in Amalfi. Sì, finalmente! Time to relax. Buonanotte.





















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