Capodimonte, is a small village situated on the picturesque promontory facing the touristic Bolsena lake. It rises on a picturesque peninsula on the south-west shore and it belongs to the Isola Bisentina municipality. Capodimonte is the gem of Bolsena lake and it is ancient village is perched on the promontory at 334 metres a.s.l. The territory here has been shaped by the volcanic activity of the Vulsini Volcano that today manifests itself into gentle hills surrounding the lake. The medieval village is built around the Rocca Farnesiana.
Its origins are linked to the Etruscan village VESENTUM (Bisenzio). Destroyed in 280 B.C. the roman Visentium was built on its place. After the Longobards destroyed the village, the inhabitants moved to the hill where the village is today. In 1269 Bonifacio VIII declared the village property of the Church , thus it became the heart of Farnesian Duchy in Tuscia.

The newest part of the village developed very slowly just on the lakefront, a few steps from the water’s edge where centenary shady plane trees run all along. In the summer there are daily ferries for trips and excursions around the two islands (Bisentina and Martana) and around the Lake. Capodimonte has many attractions: a harbor for sailing and motor boats, an attractive beach and a territory rich in history. Tourism here is the main sector of the local economy and it’s constantly growing.

Rocca Farnese

The sixteenth-century Rocca Farnese, with its octagonal plan, is the most important monument in Capodimonte, and dominates the town. The Farnese family commissioned to build the Rocca and the palace became immediately their favorite place. Many popes, kings, politicians and artists also long for it, therefore it occasionally represented a pleasant escape and a place to be praised. The Rocca is rich in history and legends, and plenty of frescoed ceilings and elegant rooms. Later on an elegant façade was built along with the arches facing the square and a bridge that would connect it to the village.

Thank you Simona for pointing out this Italian gem for me. This is a place I’d love to visit in the near future.

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