Castello Chiola

After the intimate wedding that we had on the beautiful Island of Mauritius in October 2014 it came the time for us to go home and celebrate with family and friends. So in December last year Nicola (my husband) and I spent an amazing white Christmas in Abruzzo. The next day, Boxing day (and my nonna’s bday), I spent quite some time getting physically and mentally ready for the big event…the wedding reception I had been dreaming on. My desire was to have a memorable cocktail party in a medieval castle and my mum literally took me on my word!
Everything for carefully planned ahead and we had a dedicated event coordinator taking care of all the details: flowers, candles, table linens, candelabras, the Christmas tree and the pictures of the wedding ceremony that we displayed in a corner. It has been like living a fairytale: my husband and I, prince and princess in the beautiful abruzzese castle!

As a start we enjoyed a well prepared aperitif in La Corte, the indoor courtyard (actually they all did except for me, I was too busy chatting and greeting the arriving guests), later on we set down and were carried away by the skillfully cooked main courses: seafood risotto and ravioli with pumpkin! Yum! The second courses and the side courses were served in a generous banquet in the Torchio room where we were all seated. I couldn’t try all that vegetable abundance…I was so nervous that my stomach couldn’t handle the pressure! But I was told everything was simply beyond any expectation. There were five different gastronomic corners: vegetarian, cheese, carpaccio, fried food and, naturally, the dessert corner (the chef’s specialty).

Il torchio

La corte

Our table

With some guests

After dinner, my husband and I took some photos with the guests and then invited everyone to join us in the courtyard for a speech and some hilarious games. I took the floor and proudly did my speech. I briefly explained our new life down under and our projects for 2015, at the end of it some tears made it more difficult to hide my emotion. Luckily my mum came at the right time to get the games started!

My speech

My speech

The cake

Then we enjoyed our time with some karaoke, singing songs of the traditional abruzzese repertoire. Afterwards we danced and laughed with my favorites: latin music and group dance. And later, when only a bunch of guests remained, some karaoke and live music from my friend Elisa who played the piano for us.


My sister and I

My gorgeous sister

My beautiful mum

Tired but super happy at the end of a long night my mum promptly came up with the cherry on top…a night in the luxury presidential suite for me and my speechless Nicola. We were definitely not expecting something like that!
What a beautiful day! It has been a time to share our story and get together with friends and relatives we had not seen for a long time. I would like to thank my mum for all those months of hard work in preparation of the event and the surprises she astonished us with during the night.

Castello Chiola_Suite

About Loreto Aprutino:

The celebration took place in the historical and prestigious residence of Castello Chiola, which is situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Abruzzo, Loreto Aprutino.

Castello Chiola is a medieval manor which stands there, proud and majestic on the highest hill of Loreto Aprutino. It encloses within it rare works of art by Abruzzo masters such as Cascella and a unique and precious atmosphere.
A strategic place that as in the past, represents a privileged position, giving not just a pretty view of the noble Via del Baio, at the end of which stands the Church of St. Peter the Apostle with the remains of the Patron Saint Zopito, but it also represents a true crossroads to visit numerous districts. The perfect place to discover the beauty and resources of the country: the national monument Santa Maria in Piano Church, the historic center with its alleys and narrow streets, with many churches and the remarkable Museum of ceramics from Castelli, the Antiquarian and the Oil Museum located in the ancient Castle Amorotti and the regional Oleoteca both symbols of the excellent production of extra virgin olive oil. The name of Loreto Aprutino is well known in Italy and abroad for its undisputed quality, everywhere recognized and DOP olive oil, wine and culinary tradition.

Loreto Aprutino by night


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